mardi 1 juin 2010

séance du 2 juin

Au cours de la prochaine séance du groupe de travail « Dialogique » nous ecouterons Nicolas Clerbout.La séance aura lieu le 2 juin a 10h dans la salle D. Corbin B4 146.
Voici le résumé.

The purpose of metalogical meetings is to prove results (e.g. soundness and completeness) about Dialogues. Before doing so, however, we need to consider how Dialogues are to be formulated. Briefly: Dialogues will be formulated without the Branching and Shifting Rules, and with the 'No Delaying Tactics Rule' featuring ''repetition ranks''.
In this talk, I will discuss some of the expected advantages of this (not so) new formulation, and mention some of its (not so serious) drawbacks. Hopefully this discussion will provide strong enough reasons to choose this formulation. Moreover, this discussion will give an opportunity to identify clearly the difficulties we have to solve in order to work out proofs (at least for soundness and completeness). I will end the presentation with a proposal of formulation of Dialogical rules and I will suggest directions to prove first results.

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