vendredi 2 décembre 2011

Séance du 5 décembre

Lundi 5 décembre, 14 h - 16h,
Salle Corbin

Formalism towards strategical behaviours
Pierre Cardascia

Résumé :
In my last talk I criticized some hypotheses of our approach calling them "meta", and expressed the desire to wipe them out. I had some arguments, but no formal arguments, so my intervention looked like a moment of poetry in a terrible world. I worked a lot, and today I can implement some important notions I spoke about last time. At the end of this talk the strategical reflexion won't be a black box anymore, but will be defined properly as a function from the rules and a project to the strategical behaviour. Then, maybe I will be able to present the notion of orthogonality of behaviours, then show that all the hypotheses I criticize can be reduced into one result of biorthogonality.
After showing that, you will see that I'm a big cheater, because though I can define the "strategical reflexion", it is very nominative, and then, it will be the next problem I have to solve.

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