dimanche 11 novembre 2012

Séance du 15 novembre 2012

A Modal Approach to Theoretical Terms
Matthieu Gallais

15 novembre, 13h-15h
Maison de la recherche, salle F1.07

  The purpose of my presentation is to explain some issues related to the understanding of scientific theories as intrinsically modal constructions. In particular, how can one identify an actual object with a theoretical identity if, for example, that entity has idealized properties according to the theory in which it has been defined? I will suggest a solution which consists in using Hintikka's concept of world-line. The aim is not to replace the original individuating functions, but to develop a second-order function to study the behaviour of properties across possible worlds. Finally, I will show the usefulness of that idea concerning the traditional issue of theoretical terms by revisiting their definitions thanks to world-lines.

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