vendredi 17 mai 2013

Séance de rattrapage le 23 mai

La séance initialement prévue le 16 mai aura lieu le jeudi 23 mai.

Attention, l'horaire n'est pas l'horaire habituel : la séance se tiendra de 11h à 13h - mais le lieu reste le même que d'habitude (Salle Corbin, STL).

Dialogical dialogues are 2*2 matrices of formulas

Pierre Cardascia

Résumé :
The separation of particle rules and structural rules in dialogic causes a strange case of double justification when we try to transfer the dialogical logic in GS.
In my former talk, I spoke about the difference between the local formulation of rules in GS versus the global formulation of dialogical logic, which is the origine of this double justification: in dialogic, one needs (sometimes) to know the entire history of the dialogue to know what moves he can do, and it doesn't fit very well with the compositionality of arenas in GS. To solve that, I made modifications in the formalism (but not so large in the contents), introduced a notion of position, and used it to give another definition of moves (better I hope).

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