lundi 12 mars 2012

Séance du 15 mars

Jeudi 15 mars, 11h-13h.
Salle Corbin

Husserl on Intentional Attitudes
Giuliano Bacigalupo


In my presentation, I start by addressing the semantics developed by Husserl in his lecture Alte und Neue Logik (1908/9), which may be labelled as "sheres semantics". In the second part, I rely on this semantics as an interpretation grid for Husserl's analysis of intentional attitudes in Ideen I (1913) and argue for an interpretation of the noema as reference to non-actual objects or, what is tantamount to the same, to a non-actual sphere. Thirdly, I address Husserl's discussion of a prosteriori identities in the third section of Ideen I and how this bears on the previous discussion, especially on the notion of object simpliciter. Finally, I turn on the vexed question wether Husserl is a Fregean.

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