dimanche 1 avril 2012

Séance du 5 avril

Jeudi 5 avril, 11h-13h
Salle D. Corbin

A Dynamic Logic of Interrogative Inquiry
Yacin Hamami
(Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

Abstract :

In this talk, I will propose a dynamic-epistemic analysis of the different epistemic operations constitutive of the process of interrogative inquiry, as described by Hintikka's Interrogative Model of Inquiry (IMI). I will develop a dynamic logic of questions for representing interrogative steps, based on Hintikka's treatment of questions in the IMI, along with a dynamic logic of inferences for representing deductive steps, based on the tableau method. I will then merge these two systems into a dynamic logic of interrogative inquiry which articulates a joint treatment of questions and inferences, providing thereby a unified framework representing the informational dynamics of interrogative inquiry.
I will provide sound and complete axiomatic systems for the three dynamic logics that I introduce, I will compare the framework with existing approaches and I will finally propose several directions for further works. This work is meant as a first step towards linking the IMI with the field of dynamic logics of information and rational agency.

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